Applying Biodynamic Preparations June 6, 2010

The biodynamic view is that the farm or garden is a living organism; the mineral, plant and animal aspects are closely linked and worked with as a whole. Activity occurs in tune with both earthly and cosmic forces. The movement of the moon, sun, stars and planets guide the grower.
The biodynamic preparations are manure and herb based preparations, used in minute quantities (similar to homeopathic doses) to enliven the soil and improve humus formation. The two field sprays are Horn Manure (BD500) and Horn Silica (BD501) and the compost preparations (BD 502 – 508) are based on key herbs – yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak, dandelion, valerian and horsetail.
The preps are added to warmed rainwater and stirred for an hour, ensuring that the water constantly undergoes movement from order (the vortex) to chaos (breaking the vortex) in a dynamic process. The mixture is then broadcast, in large droplets, onto the soil. This is done in the afternoon, on a day when the moon is descending and waning, and in an earth or water sign (see garden notes for more info)
the flowform in action stirring biodynamic horn manure and compost preps

time for cake and a cuppa whilst the flowform does its magic

a rainbow emerged as we were about to apply the biodynamic preps

applying the stirred preparation to the soil

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