come and exchange on saturday 7th november

Fellow gardeners and foodies,

 A quick note to remind you that this Saturday is the Newstead Produce Exchange.

We’re trialling Saturday mornings (the first of the month)….so come and exchange away your excess produce under The Red Store veranda from 10:30am to 12:30 this Saturday 7th November.

The last exchange featured early Spring delights, who knows what will be on offer this time. If you’ve no garden excesses, no problem, perhaps you’ve recipes or preserves, seeds or seedlings, or anything produce related.

3 thoughts on “come and exchange on saturday 7th november

  1. Saide Gray says:

    Hullo Really enjoyed the story about the Newstead tomatoes and the preferred indeterminate varieties…good idea! Shall try these.
    I did wonder if anyone had any success in Central Victoria with a tomato called Black Russian, which I anticipate may be more tolerant of the cold? The original seedlings came through the Produce Exchange last year.

    • janet barker says:

      Black Russian is a lovely tomato, not indeterminate though. A longer season variety. My favorite tasting tomato is Black Krim, a similar heritage to the Russian. Both go ok in central Vic, given a long season, without early frosts. Need staking. Black Russian is a large beafsteak type. purple and red tinged flesh, juicy. Lovely eaten ripe, sliced thickly and placed on a slab of sourdough bread with organic butter, pepper, salt and maybe a leaf of fresh basil. JB

  2. Saide Gray says:

    That delicious suggestion for eating tomatoes on sourdough bread with basil has just wetted my appetite for some slow grown delicious food, which has been given enough time to soak up the nutrients. Shall try the Black Krim. I did need to stake my Black Russian tomatoes last year, and kept them in deep pots under the verandah to protect from frosts and the excessive heat. They survived on two waterings a week, but were not prolific.
    Mind you, I think we could happily experience a few frosts with pleasure at the moment! Have just found a small black tomato called a grape kumato in my daughter’s fridge, that is sourced from Tatura – probably from the giant glass house there. They are somewhat tough skinned and very flavoursome.
    Those of us who braved the warm sun to assist with the community garden shed were rewarded with a few aches and pains the next day, and that feeling associated with a task well-done. I have never dug a trench before and realise now that there are many varied and rewarding artforms in community gardening. sg

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