Construction crew hot on the job

P1010429Great teamwork today undP1010424er Doug Bell’s leadership. The shed walls are assembled and footings dug. We decided that the intended concrete plugs would not be enough to secure the building so the team swung into action and dug strip footings. Next Saturday we will return to mix and pour concrete. More photos in Gallery.



Wes Martin, arborist in action

As the shed was assembled local arborist, Wes Martin, carefully pruned an old Peppercorn that overhung the shed site. The aim is to nurse it back to health with the aid of some molasses drinks. More photos in Gallery.


One thought on “Construction crew hot on the job

  1. Gen Barlow says:

    Great to see the shed footings being dug. I hope to be there this Sat for the next stage.
    The blue rock dust that we plan to make paths with is apparently tops for topping up solid minerals. Especially good for olive trees, so the man from Hanson Quarries at Carisbrook advised me when he delivered a load the other day.

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