‘Fruits’ of our labour – planting at last!

On Friday (23rd April) the first order of plants arrived so at last we can begin real gardening. The order of fruit trees includes collections of assorted apples and pears as well as nectarines and two varieties of peach. There are also Natal plums (a shrub), some multiflora roses to attract pollinators and a curry leaf plant. Fittingly there are two Anzac Peach trees which will be planted tomorrow, Anzac Day.

Registrations of interest in plotholder memberships continue to come in. Planning is underway for a celebration and plot hand-over day on Sunday 16th May. All are welcome – come along at 2.30pm to join us for afternoon tea, see what’s been happening and find out more about the Community Garden. Anyone who would still like to apply for an individual plot should register with Liz Bell, email theredstore@bigpond.com or ph 5476 2380.

Please phone me on 5476 2593 or email mary.park3@bigpond.com for any further information. Cheers, Mary Park

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