As Above, So Below…

On Sunday 6 June we christened our flowforms and applied a biodynamic horn manure preparation. Not only was the afternoon an auspicious one according to the moon planting calendar, but a double rainbow appeared as we were about to apply the stirred preparation. At the same time we prepared more ground for planting. With a wait list for plots we are readying more garden areas for spring/summer allocation. a mix of legumes (lentils, vetch) and spelt cereal was used as a green manure crop. It will be dug back into the soil in spring, to improve soil fertility, structure and health. Check out some pics on the Photo Gallery pages….

2 thoughts on “As Above, So Below…

  1. Sheilagh Kentish says:

    Fabulous photo! Very impressed with your energy to keep website going with many postings. So glad all is going well. Do’t forget to get in touch and come and visit….although it will be colder than Newstead at this time of year!

  2. Grace McCaughey says:

    Congratulations to the vital, hardworking Newsteadites who have done so much in recent years– Newstead 2021 including this amazing Community Garden. It sounds very productive and must help Newstead in its endeavours in working for zero emissions.

    Best wishes to all concerned

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