Join us for Cello Concert, Picnic & CD Launch in the Garden

Cellist Kristin Rule and her sustainable travelling rig. The solar panel supplies back up pedal power for the bike and can power an amplifier when she arrives at the performance venue

Kristin Rule, the leather-clad motorcycling ‘Unconventional Cellist’, will ride into Newstead later this month, this time on a cargo bicycle, with her cello and solar trailer in tow, to perform at the Newstead Community Garden.  

Kristin, who was recently acclaimed as “one of the most talented loop-based artists working today” (T. Butcher, United States, ‘The Silent Ballet’), will be embarking on a year-long (or longer), ‘Slow Ride Album Launch’. This will see her pedal around the country promoting her newly released album, The Knife that Cuts a Tear, and the benefits of a slow, sustainable lifestyle.

Kristin will perform a one-hour concert of original compositions at the Newstead Community Garden from 5 – 7pm on Sunday, November 28.  Entry is by gold coin donation or what you think is appropriate. Proceeds will be split between Kristin and the community garden.

CDs, with full eco packaging, will be available for $30 at the performance.

For more information, or to organise to join Kristin for a leg of the tour (on a bicycle, of course), visit  

This is a ‘Picnic in the Garden’ event, so please bring a picnic (rug/chairs, food and beverages….and bicycles, if you have them).  Children are most welcome!

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