Cello Concert and Picnic Postponed Due to Flooding

looking direct across loddon at garden levee

view from the levee at the garden

Our picnic and concert planned for this evening, Sunday 28th November has been postponed due to the wet conditions. Flood waters have closed roads around Newstead and Kristin has been unable to get through with bike and cello. It’s wet!!

We will re-schedulethe concert to February, date to be advised. Kristin will be in central Victoria again as part of the Slow Ride tour (now a bit slower!).

Apologies for the postponement, but hope to see you in February. Stay tuned for more info.

And by the way, the garden has withstood almost 100mm rainfall in 24 hours magnificently, thanks to good design, drainage and soil structure.

loddon in full flow at newstead

looking from the newstead bridge towards maryborough

manning the pumps! well, waiting. shire workers at the levee overflow

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