Wondering what to plant in February?

Then go to the Garden Notes page. We’ve made it easier; all you have to do is prepare your soil (a helping of biodynamic compost as you dig over and prepare a seedbed) and follow the notes.

Plenty of visitors strolled and sat in the garden during the recent Newstead Live! music festival. The Morris dancers also made merry over the weekend.

One thought on “Wondering what to plant in February?

  1. saide Gray says:

    Yes, we were fortunate to hear and watch the Morris Dancers in the Community Garden of the Newstead Live Music Festival. They did a Blessing of the Beans Dance and a Celebration of the Sunflowers Dance, too, under the peppercorn tree! So the plants have been well sung too! A couple of us also had a passing conversation with a person from North Fitzroy who told us about how a group there had planted nature strips with fruit and vegetables to enliven the suburb. Council had responded to the self-styled public space gardeners by developing a policy, which is on the City of Yarra website for those interested.
    The local garden members have been offering tours of the nature strip gardens on weekends once a month to help educate the urban townhouse dwellers about which plants are edible and which are weeds!

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