Twilight Dinner and Sunny Sunday Spud Harvest

Glorious autumn sunshine contributed to a most enjoyable morning’s work at the Community Garden’s first potato harvest on Sunday 17th April. With great anticipation adults dug and children excitedly scrabbled in the soil to uncover potatoes of all shapes and sizes. The bounty was shared around with some being kept for absent members and seed for next season. The soil was then replenished with biodynamic compost, dynamic lifter and some dolomite.

Many hands make light work so with more than twenty people on deck, and after a refreshing cuppa, we were able to plant a bed of garlic, cut back the Jerusalem artichokes and do some tidying up.

Cooler weather did not deter the forty-five guests who attended dinner in the garden on Saturday 26th March. Guests were treated to chef Charlotte Duckett’s scrumptious Asian flavoured menu, skilfully prepared on barbecues and served by a small group of helpers who seemed unfazed by the Earth Hour switch to candles and lanterns. Profits from this successful fundraiser will ensure water costs are covered for another year and contribute to the Shared Table project that will see outdoor furniture and a pizza oven constructed.

Next month the first anniversary of the garden’s launch will be celebrated and what a year it has been! Unexpected rainfall led to amazing growth and a lush, beautiful and productive garden. Memberships are due for renewal and more plots will be developed so now is a good time to think about joining in. Individual plotholder membership is $35 or you can become a ‘Digger’ (communal plot) member for $15.

Would you like a plot at the Community Garden?

Expressions of interest welcome now. Annual memberships are due for renewal on 16th May (current members will receive a renewal invitation) and more plots are being developed. For more information or to apply for a plot please contact Liz Bell at The Red Store or Mary Park ph 5476 2593

2 thoughts on “Twilight Dinner and Sunny Sunday Spud Harvest

  1. Mary says:

    Janet, there was some discussion as to whether lime & fertilizer should be applied at the same time. My research reveals different opinions & I’m told a well-known ABC gardening expert says “bung it all on together.” Any thoughts?

    • janet barker says:

      Yes, there are different opinions. But this mainly concerns chemical/synthetic farming and gardening. If you add lime (calcium carbonate) or dolomite (which has magnesium as well) at the same time as ammonium sulphate or urea (both chemical fertilisers), the lime/dolomite will react with them and nitrogen will be lost to the air as ammonia gas. This is a greenhouse gas and bad for the planet, besides the fact that the plants will miss out on their nitrogen food source. Applying lime with well rotted, chemically stable compost should pose no problems. But I guess the proof will be in the garlic!?

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