Putting out biodynamic preps this Sunday

We had a successful birthday gathering last weekend and also managed to plant almost 3kg of italian white garlic. We distributed the pumpkin harvest (this year we will plant them well away from the plots due to their rambling ways!) and we welcomed new plotholders Jodie and Ros.

This Sunday we’ll be stirring and spraying a biodynamic ‘brew’ of horn manure (BD500) and Cow Pat Pit (CPP). CPP contains the five compost preparations, basalt dust, egg shells and cow manure which have been mixed and left to transform in the ground for several months. CPP is a good way to spread the compost preparations over your land without making a large compost heap. More information can be found elsewhere on this site, and in the links/blogroll (look for the biodynamic sites).

Now is agood time to apply the preps: the moon is descending and waning and Sunday will be in a water sign (an earth sign is also good). Winter is a time when things above ground slow down, but bd practitioners believe this is the most active time beneath the ground.

Ideally it’s best to apply them in the late arvo but we will need to stir through the flowform for an hour first. There will be enough for other garden members to take home and apply on their own patches, so bring a container with a lid and you’ll need to put it out within the hour of it being mixed.

See you at the garden at 1.30pm!

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