Happy Birthday to Us!

Some pics from our birthday are now posted on the photo gallery pages.

And you’ll find new recipes on the food pages, based on some of our celebratory offerings, including “fartichoke” soup (jerusalem artichoke, and yes, it was lovely!), quince paste and the community garden chestnut cake.

Last Sunday we had a great afternoon applying some biodynamic preparations as well as digging over an area for new plots and planting a green manure crop of mustard (good soil fumigant) lentils and broadbeans (great nitrogen fixers). Would have been even better with a cereal to add organic matter and carbon, but the addition of lime, eco-min and dynamic lifter will help feed the soil.

We also tidied up the asparagus beds by trimming back the feathery heads which had been left to flower (this is their first season in) and backfilling the trenches with a good helping of biodynamic compost. More fartichokes (jerusalem artichokes) were harvested. We still had time for a sit and a coffee before attendees took home a helping of bd mix to apply on their own gardens.

Have a look at some photos here. And here’s a link to barrel compost, which we applied at the same time as the BD500.

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