Now is the winter of our {gardening} content…

Yes, it’s cold. But not so chilly if you get busy with a spade, or a shovel, or some kind of implement. The cool temperatures are fantastic for bringing out the sweetness of root veges and an inspiration to plant more of the same, though be aware that they will take even longer than normal to germinate (for carrots and parsnips this may mean 2 or 3 weeks). Try soaking seeds in water – even slightly warmed – for 12 to 24 hours before you sow them. I have been known to start my seeds off by the heater! They still have a bit of a fright when they leave the house though.

See the gardening notes for June. And interestingly, this month features both a solar (2/6) and lunar (16/6) eclipse, as well as three node days (avoid planting around these times). Brian Keats suggests that the third week in June will be an unstable one for weather and the earth’s crust; let’s see what transpires…

Dont forget Saturday’s Produce Exchange, outside the red store at 10.30am. We expect plenty of pumpkins, fartichokes, olives, strawberry plants, quinces and various preserves……

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