Now for the art…..

We are one of 71 nation-wide projects to receive funding through the Regional Arts Fund (a commonweath program, administered through Regional Arts Victoria) and we are pretty excited!

See the range of projects funded here. To read a summary of our project, click here.

Our project, The heART Garden, will bring local artists together to work on putting art into the centre of our garden, literally as well as metaphorically.

We have a wish list of ideas for the garden – eg. our central pear arbour, sculpture, wind harp, signage and notice board, table and seating, a pizza oven, and, and, …. and we want to let our local artists and craftspeople loose to dream, design, collaborate and create.

We will have funding to commission a central piece, perhaps others, and to create budgets and timelines for seeking further funds for any other worthwhile projects that come up during the design process. We want to exhibit all the ideas at our local Pocket Gallery.

We are setting up a small steering group to plan and oversee the project. Our first artist workshop will be held on Sunday 24th July, to outline the project and start the ball rolling.

We will be contacting local artists and seeking interest, but please, register your interest with us, we’d love to hear from local artisans. Contact Mary on  5476 2593 or

We are excited about the potential of the project, to involve local artists and to add to the beauty and function of our garden.

Here are some pics from the Barwon Heads Art Garden; our inspiration along the way, especially in the early days.

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