August in the garden and almost spring…..

The magpies at the garden are heralding spring (or perhaps just the worms we are digging up for them as we prepare garden beds for spring planting). It’s a busy time to get those winter tasks completed and get ready for the flush of spring growth, once frosts have passed.

On that note, the August planting notes are now posted, including a recipe for Bordeaux Spray which we are about to apply to our stone fruit trees at the garden. See the notes for more info ….

You can start to think about planting an early crop of spuds, as well as the usual leafy suspects. We are still losing ground to the slug population, but the coffee idea (thanks Ilse) seems to be best, followed by wood ash. Only, you need to re-apply both after rain…. The warmer weather will mean the plants can take ascendence over the bugs, we hope.

Also a new section has been set up on this website for our arts project. Go to Arts in the Garden to see what’s happening and for gardeners, artists and anyone else to keep connected.

We have had a good deal of interest from many very talented local artisans and are excited about the potential of this project. So stay updated by these pages. And thanks to the Regional Arts Fund and Regional Arts Victoria for their support.

Enjoy August in the garden. 

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