September = Spring + Digging x Planting – Compost

Apologies for late posting of the gardening notes, but there should be no excuses for delaying gardening this month. It’s now or never for planting seeds that will become your summer pickings.

But beware of nurseries and hardware stores bearing large tomato seedlings!!

It’s far too early in central Victoria to be planting out advanced tomato (or any other summer growing) seedlings. We still have frosts ahead and the tender, over-coddled nursery progeny will have no chance. Better to wait 4 – 6 weeks or so, even better to sow your own seed now, and plant once the frost danger has passed and soil temperatures have climbed to habitable (for these plants) levels.

Go to the September Notes to find what and how to grow and tend this month.

An advance notice of two fantastic workshops we have lined up for the latter part of the year, click here. Not to be missed!

And stay updated on our arts project at the art in the garden pages. We are getting to the end of the designing period and this month the ideas and costings will be submitted on our four feature pieces – central arbour, shared table and seating, pizza oven and entrance, and the fifth project – signage.

Joy in the garden, and to Spring.

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