November in the Garden

Our garlic is looking lovely and will be ready to harvest in the next three to four weeks, unless we get a hot, dry spell. The leaf tips are just starting to yellow. When that yellowing extends further, almost all the way down the outer leaves, it will be time to carefully lift the bulbs, shake off any dirt and leave them to ‘cure’ for another month or so. Placed on mesh, racks, or hung from the rafters in onion bags, the bulbs will dry out and concentrate their ‘garlickyness’. The curing spot should be dry and have good air circulation.

Our strawberries are also beginning their prolific run and we need to get in early before the slugs and slaters do – Mary has been giving the bushes a haircut to improve air-flow and plant vigour and we’ll mulch again with rock dust to see if that makes an impact on these pesky critters. The soy sauce and oil traps are always a good deterent, but remembering to check and replace them regularly is important.

Alongside harvesting spring produce, if you haven’t planted your summer veges, incuding tomatoes, now’s the time. It will be too late to sow seed for most veges, so look for organically grown, hardy seedlings and then harden them off gradually (by moving from verandah/igloo to tree cover to outside conditions) and get them in the ground this month.

If you have spuds growing,  a good thick layer of compost and mulch over the crop will encourage another level of tuber production – new leaves will poke their way through the mulch and beneath you’ll have several levels of growing spuds – depending on how many times you’ve built up the beds, adding a layer of compost/mulch each time.

So, go to November’s Notes for what to do, when, in the central Victorian garden.

An update on the arts project sees off site construction beginning on our central arbour and further work to determine the siting for our pizza oven and table. We are also sourcing timber for the construction of shared table and seating.

We’ve had an enormous amount of interest in our workshop with Simon Rickard, but there’s still spare places, so if you’ve been thinking about coming along to what will be an energetic and informative session, contact us now to secure your place. Non members pay $40 for the day, garden members $30, with lunch and refreshments provided.

Finally, see you at the produce exchange, 10.30am this Saturday, outside the Red Store.

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