Summer Solstice Gathering this Weekend

The December solstice takes place on the 22nd at 3.30pm, but we’re going to celebrate it earlier. This Sunday 11th in fact! All garden members and supporters are welcome, 4 – 6pm,  bring your gloves for bit of  gardening and food and drinks to share afterwards. (BYO everything).

We’ll also be taking the opportunity to talk about this year’s garden activities and ideas for next year, including how we manage the day to day runnning of it, how we continue its development (fundraising, workshops, etc). Nothing too heavy, but it’ll be a chance to reflect and clarify. Feels like we are moving from a contruction and development phase into something else (though there is still much to be built and done!) and with a growing membership base we want to keep seeking ideas and everyone involved.

Some of our communal garlic is still to be harvested, so that might be something we do on Sunday – perfect timing as well because it is a “root” sign day – ideal for harvesting these crops.  For more ideal dates, check out the December Garden Notes pages, freshly posted

Sunday 11th might not be the solstice, but it is a lunar eclipse. Those who stay up late might see it happen between 9.30pm and 3.30am, with the total eclipse visible at 12.36am.

And a foward reminder, on the back of our successful Simon Rickard workshop, is that Penny Woodward will be spending a day in our garden on Sunday 18 March, 2012. She’s going to talk about growing pest repellent plants and also garlic and some unusual edible alliums, like tree, welsh, potato and shallots, as well as leeks. The format will be similar to November’s with lunch and cake and cuppas provided.

Happy December in the garden….

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