Time for some gardening

We’ve been busy with visits and events, so it’ll be good to actually get digging and planting this week. The garden is looking good after recent timely rains – though many of the tomatoes have suffered blossom end rot from uneven watering. As long as we don’t get early frosts! Though the season feels very autumnal now, so enjoy the summer harvest while it lasts.

Go to the Photo Gallery for an update and pics on the Shared Table Dinner – a fantastic affair thanks to Charlotte – and Georgina Duckett – and everyine who made the event run smoothly and look georgous. And look for the pics from Penny Woodward’s well attended and very informative workshop. Penny also has a great website.

After Penny’s discussion on garlic planting we will be putting in some of our own – it’s perfect planting time whilst soil is warm and moist.

Our pizza oven works a treat. We still have a bit to finish off to make it fully functional and a bit more aesthetic, but we’ve cooked pizzas and used it for our event catering.



And all a part of the garden – putting up marquees sans instructions … just like ikea, only bigger (and heavier)… but we managed it!


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