May in the Garden – time to weed, plant & compost

The autumn has been quite kind so far. A good rainfall wouldn’t go astray, but we’ve been able to keep picking late summer crops. And weeds. But this is sure to end with chilly nights and frosts and decreasing daylength. But it’s not too late to get your unplanted garlic in, some greens, maybe an early sowing of broadies before winter arrives. Check out the best timing for these and other crops for May in the Garden Notes.

Our jerusalem artichokes looked like this back in March, but they are now ready to dig and harvest those lovely nuggets of starch. Ours have gone a bit rampant so the plan is to corral them along the fencelines or in a designated bed, away from other plots. Perhaps sunflowers may be a more benign and beautiful way to give some structure and height to the garden.

Don’t forget our compost making day as part of the Mount Alexander Shire’s program of events for International Composting Week. Our event on 12 May will be an all-day affair with plenty of warming food and cake to keep us going as we build a large heap.

If you’d rather watch than make, on Sunday 13th May “Dirt!” the movie will be screened (4.30pm – 7pm with supper available) at the Ray Bradfield Room in Castlemaine by Castlemaine Community House and Growing Abundance. The movie takes viewers on a journey around the world to hear and see the stories of global visionaries who are discovering new ways to repair humanity’s relationship with Earth’s most valuable and underappreciated source of fertility – the soil. For bookings contact Castlemaine Community House on 5472 4842 or

Other events can be found at Compost Week Events Program. Enjoy May in the garden, especially if you are making compost!

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