Composting tomorrow….

Well we’ve spent the best part of the week collecting biodynamic sheep manure (from under a local shearing shed), mowing grass, raking autumn leaves, collecting vege scraps from greengrocers, pulling weeds and collecting spelt hulls. Added to this our rolls of silage and hay, and drop-offs from locals – chook manure, horse manure, ash, grass clippings…. and we are sure to make a fantastic compost heap. The moon is waning, descending and in a root sign, a combination that is perfect timing for compost making. Even more auspicious! The addition of the biodynamic preparations, based on yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion, valerian as well as lime, rockdust should give our soil a real boost when it is ready in a few months. And well worth the effort of collecting it all! Compost Making and biodynamic horn burial (to make BD500) at the Newstead Community Garden, Saturday 12 May, 10am start with cuppa and cake for a 10.30am start. Make, enjoy lunch, conversation and cuppas, with instruction from Celia Cornick and Rosie Gegenhuber. Janet 0439 003 469.

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