Compost Creators

International Compost Week has been a good one in the Mount Alexander Shire, with five well attended events and plenty of activity on the composting front.

I attended The Hub’s workshop on worm farming and compost systems and came away inspired by Peter Sansom and Heather Barrett to do more ….

At our workshop, 30 keen composters constructed a large biodynamic heap and spread the preparation BD500. Thanks to Rosie and Celia and Grit for travelling up to spend the day and guide us through the process. And to all those who gathered and collected and catered and shovelled and created. It’s wonderful that so many gardeners are also interested in the magic of compost! A two day introduction to biodynamic growing is going to be held locally, as a result of interest from the day.

For a slideshow of images, go to the photo gallery page.  Mary K made some notes, a recipe if you like, which you can read HERE – thanks Mary!

For more info you can go to the Biodynamics Victoria website and see our earlier efforts in 2010.

This photo from Genevieve sums up the day:

PS. It’s now Monday morning – the heap is starting to heat up very nicely!

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