Welcome to Winter

The past fortnight has seen good frosts and well needed rain, heralding the change of season. Days draw breath but there is still plenty of growth and transformation in the winter garden.

Finally our asparagus has yellowed off and sent food reserves back into crowns and root systems – so time to cut it back. Also pruning time for many plants – strawberries, apple and pear trees, brambles and berry canes. Make sure you make your cut at the best biodynamic time, so check the June Notes, now posted. It might also be worth reviewing Simon Rickard’s sage pruning advice.

Our birthday was fun, many pizzas made and eaten, birthday cake and good company. Most gardeners are renewing membership and we have a few new plotholders and diggers. We will be meeting in June to discuss plans for the rest of the year, including digger gardening, new plots and more.

Thanks to Saide for the photographs of birthday and compost making below:


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Winter

  1. Kate Scarff says:

    Janet – your garden and website are fantastic. Your well thought out concept for the garden, high level of community involvement and obvious success in the venture is something we at the Ivanhoe Community Food Garden aspire to in our new venture.

    • janet barker says:

      Thanks Kate! Good luck to you and your gardeners in Ivanhoe. There are a growing number of community gardens doing great things in our part of the world. Also check out The Hub in Castlemaine and the Ballarat garden, two that we’ve been following in our development. Our early inspiration was the Barwon Heads Art Garden.

      • Kate Scarff says:

        Thanks for the additional information. We will definitely check out the websites and perhaps look into organising a field trip to visit these wonderful places.

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