Yes, it’s cold outside, but the garden awaits…..

You’ll be glad in spring that you braved the chills of winter, just think of the lovely broad beans and greens you’ll be putting on your plate, and all that improved soil waiting for the next lucious crop, once you’ve dug in that healthy winter green manure. Not to mention the summer fruit!

Plenty to do and plan this month….

The July Notes are now up to guide your winter gardening.

We will be busy at the garden over winter, thanks to funding grants. We were fortunate to receive funds from the Newstead & District Pool Committee who handed out $10,000 to six local groups (how’s that for community based philanthropy from a small town!) Our grant will go towards completing the pizza oven tables and creating and installing table and seating, something the garden really needs. We also received funds from the Maldon and District Community Bank to improve access to the garden for less physically able gardeners – we’ll be putting in raised beds. Thanks to both organisations for supporting our garden.

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