Kids Thrive – Educated Philanthropy

Cheques to the value of $1000 were presented by Wendy Merlo of the Maldon and District Community Bank to the pupils of the Newstead Primary School in Grades 5 and 6 who had researched and developed projects and grant applications through their studies for dispersal to community groups within Newstead.

Five projects, called Kids Thrive, were successful and Newstead Community Garden received $150 towards materials to create shelving for the propagation igloo, to assist the germination and raising of seedlings. One of the Bank’s Directors noted, on presentation of the cheques, that the school had taken philanthropy to a new level by combining the practices of research, project development, community philanthropy, banking and financial accountability with education.

“The  Maldon and District Community Bank expects all grants money to be fully accounted for so that it is clear that the money was spent in accordance with the items for which it has been granted.” So we are likely to be able to look forward to some auditing by our primary school friends in the months ahead!

In accepting the cheque on behalf of the Newstead Community Garden, Saide Gray thanked the school and pupils for the effort, thoughtfulness and generosity which has prompted this philanthropic action.

She also invited the students to share use of the propagation igloo to assist in the raising of seedlings for the school’s own vegetable garden and said: “We know from research [by the United Nations] that just under half the world’s population now live in rural areas. We estimate that it is likely that more than half the world’s population participate in gardening. But we don’t really know for sure because no one has yet done the research.”

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