August Activity and that old Adage…

stone fruit tree after spray for leaf curl – just in time; buds are starting to swell

Yes, many hands do make light of it.

We’ve had a good week or two in the garden with our new raised beds installed, fruit trees and berries pruned (thanks Julie P), strawberries renovated (thanks Gen), BD500 spread, stonefruit trees treated for curly leaf with copper sulphate/lime (thanks Mary) and raspberry beds dug (thanks to many!).

At Sunday’s  working bee we replanted the raspberries, dug in the mustard green manure, weeded, corralled the broadbeans, fed the strawberries, removed and cut up a peppertree branch that had fallen on the shed, potted up some of the strawberry plants, burnt some of the dried out couch and spread the last of the gravel. Thanks to all who participated and to Mary for the cake, well received as always.

We also met to talk about spring and summer gardening, including re-instating our regular Friday gardening (4-6pm) as well as trying out Sunday mornings 9-11. We heard from Anthony about the Diggers’ survey feedback and talked about ways to improve communication and the general running of the garden.

Thanks to the Maldon & District Community Bank we now have six raised beds of varying heights. The lowest (500mm) are suitable for wheelchair/scooter/seated gardeners and we have others (around 800mm to 1000mm high) for upright gardeners who have difficulty bending or kneeling. Bryce Collie and his handy bobcat installed and filled the beds; we used a mix of organic permafert compost/soil conditioner from Ballarat, screened ASQ topsoil and our own lovely soil from on-site. We look forward to welcoming some new members who now will have the opportunity to garden and share the communal harvests.

In the meantime, a crop of spuds would be the perfect way to christen a bed or two. We’ll also use a couple of the taller beds to grow herbs for biodynamic compost, tea and culinary uses that need to be kept contained because of their tendency to spread.

Next up, the espalier structures and garden furniture!

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One thought on “August Activity and that old Adage…

  1. Saide of Sandon says:

    Wow, what busy gardeners gnomes at Newstead Community Garden. These photos give a good indication of what has been happening. I have not visited the garden for one week and am amazed at the changes! It is beautiful – can’t wait for Spring. I think the two communal gardening times sound fun, too!
    See you in the garden, from Saide

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