Healthy Soil Workshop at The Hub

Heather passed on info about this upcoming workshop at The Hub in Castlemaine. The Hub Plot (and the adjoining building) is well worth a visit – they have regular gardening from 9am Monday mornings. The plot stemmed from the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group’s food production project, to set up a sustainable demonstration garden. In a small space  behind Castlemaine’s main thoroughfare, the group have set up composting systems, chooks, low water use beds, fruit trees and companion planting.

The workshop will cover the basics of building a healthy soil for yor vegetable garden and fruit trees: the structure of soil, the importance of air, soil biology and other important contributors to a thriving garden.

Presenter: Katie Finlay, from the Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens
Date: Sat. 15th September, 2012
Time: 12 noon for a cuppa and a 12.30pm start.
Cost: $5
Place:  The Hub Plot, MASG’s demonstration food garden, rear 233 Barker St,
Castlemaine, info: Heather 0409 327791

We’ll have visitors to our garden this week as well, Maldon’s sustainable garden course group on Monday and participants in Mount Alexander Shire’s ‘come n try day’ on Tuesday. Thanks Saide and Liz for showing them around.

One thought on “Healthy Soil Workshop at The Hub

  1. Saide of Sandon says:

    It was fun showing the Maldon sustainable garden course group around our garden and sharing our story. The group showed lots of interest in our infrastructure and hearing about how we created the garden. They were surprised we had gotten so much done in three to four years. and commented that the garden had a lovely feel to it. They also had quite a few questions about how we raised money to pay for the things we needed in the garden and how we managed to maintain interest and enthusiasm from our members. roger came by and heoped out with the talk, too. And they gave the garden a $50 donation for our efforts!

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