In the Communal Garden

Crop Care is a new section of the website which features a basic ‘how to’ for the communal plantings we have in the community garden.

Still to be added to, but it’s a start. We welcome your comments, especially if you are gardening locally, in central Victoria, or further afield. Share your experiences with our community garden – whether that’s growing from seed or seedlings, managing, harvesting, or if you have some recipes on how to use the produce.

3 thoughts on “In the Communal Garden

  1. vanessa says:

    Could you include the NCG etiquette regarding the harvest of communal food like asparagus in your crop care notes? I notice that you recommend harvesting daily but who should do this and how should it be shared? Thanks

    • janet barker says:

      Good idea. With our other crops it’s usually the case that we harvest at one time and disperse amongst members, excess goes to the produce exchange or is stored. But with crops like asparagus and strawberries, etc. we’d suggest you just harvest your own/family needs for the meal ahead, bearing in mind that other gardeners will be picking too. Asparagus is best eaten freshly picked anyway. It’s still early in the productive life of our asparagus so yields won’t be huge.
      We usually put a call out to say when crops are ready to harvest and note it on the blackboard in the igloo. And then there’s the time honored ‘first in first served’ I guess.

  2. Saide of Sandon says:

    I like to pick one or two spikes to munch on raw as a reward for myself when I have done some extra gardening: weeding or planting. There don’t seem to be quite enough for a meal yet.

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