Celebrating spring with the church

We will be celebrating spring and creativity with our church neighbours (and landlords) on Sunday. Rev Fiona Goy sends the following invite to gardeners:

“Thank you for your willingness to join us in this celebration.

Christianity is one of the great religions of the world and has been part of the heritage of perhaps most in this community. Although ideas of who or what the word “God” might mean have changed and continue to evolve as humanity and knowledge evolve, there is great wisdom to be found within Christianity. Through the ancient poetic words, through engaging with the ancient texts, we find a path to peace and justice, and an engagement with what is sacred in life, what is holy in life. Through its rituals, we find an expression of something deeper, experienced through our bodies, drawing us beyond ourselves to Something More. We are challenged, yet nurtured, and know ourselves to be people of Spirit, and part of the world community, part of sacred Creation.

On Sunday 30th September at 10.30am we hope you will join us as we celebrate Life and the gift that is Creation. We hope to be outside if possible, where the community garden provides a constant yet ever changing picture of creation, growth and renewal. We will contemplate the reality that there is always new life after the deaths we experience – as Jesus said, the grain of wheat dies in the ground before it can rise again eventually offering a full head of grain to feed others.

We will also celebrate our own creativity, what we offer to the world, as we come, each different yet each one precious and an important part of the whole.

So please come! You may like to think about the aspects of yourself which you offer to our world, and bring a symbol of these to our celebration.”

Fiona Goy

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