Kids in the garden, literally

Catching up on past events and thanks to Saide for all the photos shown here.

First up, the Childrens’ Literature Festival, Castlemaine based, but a workshop held in our community Garden on October 1 was tremendously successful. Feedback such as  ‘you can’t improve on perfection’!  tells the tale.

Hi Mary,
I came to the Bugs, Grubs and Gremlins session at the garden yesterday with my daughters and my mum. I just wanted to say thanks to you and the other people who organised it.
The activities were great, the setting was lovely and the people running it all very helpful. My mum, my daughters and I all enjoyed the relaxing and vibrant atmosphere. We were surprised, too, to be offered the free tea and coffee and the fruit platters. A lot of work had obviously gone into setting it all up – thanks.
Thanks to everyone who made it a great event and apologies to the many kids and parents we had to turn away becaues the workshop was full. Perhaps another idea for future workshops at our garden though….

And so to the slideshow……

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