November – horses, roses, tomatoes and garden visits….

Gardeners associate Melbourne Cup day with planting of tomatoes – the theory being that by early November the danger of frost should have passed and tomatoes and other frost sensitive plants are able to fend for themselves. In reality, as well as frost free, these plants need at least 20 degrees soil (not air) temperature to get germinating and growing. Most years, by Cup Day the frosts have passed and the soil has warmed up sufficiently. But we’ve had a cool spring so far….

It’s worth going all out early this month to get summer veges in the ground – you can be guided by the November Notes, now posted. In between digging in your own garden, November is a lovely time to visit other gardens – the Castlemaine Garden Festival has some outstanding gardens to visit across the Mount Alexander Shire – including ours! Whilst in Newstead, a visit to Roger McKindley’s Antares Art Garden is worth more than one visit (there is a lot to take in!).

2 thoughts on “November – horses, roses, tomatoes and garden visits….

  1. Belinda Hopper says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to visit your wonderful garden. It is truly inspirational and I now feel excited to plant some vegetables myself! The monthly garden notes are very informative. Congratulations on such a fantastic blog – I will be checking in on it regularly and I look forward to visiting the garden again soon.

    • janet barker says:

      Thanks Belinda, glad you enjoyed the visit – we have been really uplifted by the positive comments and support for our garden and it’s been wonderful to share it with others during the festival – we’ve met lovely gardeners! Happy gardening and feel free to subscribe to/follow the blog to get notified about new posts and updates. Cheers.

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