Amongst the Festival of Gardeners

The Castemaine Festival of Gardens is a biannual event – the Castlemaine State Festival fits between years – and our garden was involved for the first time. A first for us and a first to have a community garden as part of the program. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see many other gardens and draw inspiration, but plenty of enthusiastic gardeners came to us. Over 260 of them. Not only did we get to meet gardeners from all over (locally, Castlemaine and districts, Ballarat, Bendigo, Melbourne & surrounds, NE Victoria, NSW, SA and elsewhere) but we also had a chance to meet ourselves. I especially enjoyed sitting and chatting with fellow community gardeners over a cuppa under the magnificent pepper tree.

So thankyou to everyone who was involved; the biscuit bakers, sign makers, plant potters, seed sowers, waterers, marquee erectors, hose wielders and all who gave a few hours – and many more – to share our garden with others.  And to Frances Cincotta who provided native plants for sale and generously shared her takings with us. We had some most encouraging comments left in our visitors book….. and it was fun.

During the festival our table settings were installed, thanks to the Newstead Mens’ Shed and ‘Fatty’ Richardson (and the other “skilled” tradies)

We’re now in the midst of harvesting broad beans and strawberries, some of the garlic crop will be ready to dig in the next week or two, and despite slugs, snails, slaters and harlequin bugs, the plants are leaping away. It is a great time to be in the garden and producing food.


2 thoughts on “Amongst the Festival of Gardeners

  1. roshart1 says:

    It was a wonderful experience to meet so many garden enthusiasts. I felt very proud of our garden – and of our community. I especially loved witnessing visitors’ astonishment as they walked in. So many I spoke with found it hard to believe that just two and half years ago, this was a bare paddock.

  2. Carol of South Muckleford says:

    That was my experience as well, Ros and Janet. I felt we got as much out of the event as the visitors, working together for a common purpose and enjoying each others company. One lady I spoke to had visited last year and couldn’t believe the amount we had done in that time.

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