Produce Exchange and Food for Thought

urban graffiti at newstead produce exchange

Saturday’s Produce Exchange saw a seasonal crossover – broadies (still!), globe artichokes, peas, as well as tomato seedlings and the first of the zukes and their flowers. We have some skilled gardeners in Newstead and it is great to see what arrives at the table each month.

We also exchanged ideas about Newstead’s future, as part of Newstead’s Community Planning process. A group of locals are working to get input and ideas from right across the community, to find out what we value about Newstead and how we’d like the community to be in the future. We will have a big planning day on February 17th and all this will go to developing a Community Plan for Newstead. The graffiti wall was one way to  start conversation and there are others, including website, facebook and twitter as well as face to face. Find out more here.

With all this planning activity, planning for the garden has been slightly delayed but the December planting notes will be posted asap!

PS. The Newstead Tomato seeds have (mostly) emerged!

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