Happy New Gardening Year

190111_0093Here’s to a new borne year – one that’s productive, bountiful and full of tasty garden delights. We are looking forward to corn, tomatoes, more strawberries and the start of the other berries, zukes, eggplant and capsicum, just to start. And perhaps our first stonefruit crop.

To see what’s worth planting this month, go to January’s Gardening Notes. Although many will not be very active in the garden apart from watering and mulching, it’s still time to carry out summer pruning of fruit trees – especially pears and apples later in the month and into february- and also the stone fruit trees.

Also time to think about eating needs over autumn and winter – some of the slower growing crops coud have seed sown this month – think parsnip, carrot, cauliflower. And another crop – or two – of leafy greens for salad days.

DSC_0003-1A few of us will be at the garden for New Year’s Eve (day) to finish installing our irrigation system to fruit trees and berries. We’ll also be looking to Newstead Live! to sell our garlic again during the music festival – 25-28 January.

We will also be having a garden catch-up on Friday 11 January at 5pm to discuss things for 2013 and welcome our 4 new members – Diana and Gayle (plotholders), and Bronwyn and Sue (diggers). Enjoy New Year, in the garden, or elsewhere.

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