And about the corn…..

cornJust to let you know that the corn is ready for eating – but check your cob carefully before you pick to make sure!

The top silks should have browned and dried off/fallen off, the cob should feel solid and heavy and you can peel back the top leaves carefully to check the kernels are plump and bright yellow.

Eat raw or steam as soon as you pick for maximum taste – the longer the cobs are left picked, the more starchier to eat…. and thanks to Julie Patey for better signposting the plots.

2 thoughts on “And about the corn…..

  1. Anthony says:

    While on the subject of corn, gardeners could also save and dry the cornsilk to make a medicinal tea. It has many health benefits like lowering blood pressure, great for urinary tract infections and arthritic pain. There is enough on one cob to make a brew but you might have to collect lots if you want to have some backup for later. More info can be found at http://www.cornsilktea,net. Cheers!

    • Saide of Sandon says:

      Thanks Anthony, good to have this information from a second source. I have seen corn-silk recommended in a Chinese System of Food Cures publication. Apparently it is used extensively among Chinese herbalists to alleviate symptoms of edema, beriberi, gallstones, diabetes, sinusitis, nosebleeds and mastitis. Quite a list! All the ‘recipes’ recommend boiling with banana or watermelon peel. Never tried those, but enjoy the cornsilks raw and fresh, when unsheathing the cobs and often add it to salads, as an edible decorative touch.

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