Easter in the garden and into April

white rabbitHope you don’t find any bunnies in your garden this easter! It’s a great time to be out in the garden, with plenty of autumn tasks and much cooler weather to be doing them in. The April Notes are now posted. But also note that the last few days of March are very auspicious for planting – we’ve just had the easter full moon (and the start of Bells Beach surfing) which coincides with strong lunar forces, the moon opposite saturn yesterday and a perigee moon on Sunday – all great for gardening (note the node on Saturday arvo though).

And so into April, when it would be wise to get your first spray of BD500 out, if you haven’t yet this year, followed by BD501 the following morning if you can. Best dates for this between the 2nd and 15th of the month. More dates on the Planting Notes page. As well this month, you can be part of a global planting trial to see the effect of lunar planting in southern and northern hemispheres. Perhaps one of our communal plots could be used to experiment? The idea is to plant before during and after these dates and keep a record of germination and growth. The dates coincide with some planetary kerfuffles, an eclipse, node and trine.

Let’s hope Brian Keats is on song when he says we are moving away from La Nina into a more neutral cycle.

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