Getting the Garlic in…..

cropped-resized-logo.jpgIt’s time to plant garlic and we’ll be putting in our communal crop and also our first spray of biodynamic preps for the year, next weekend.
Because The Hub are holding their Round Robin on Saturday, the plan is for Sunday.
It will be perfect timing – moon descending, in a root sign and close enough to being opposite Saturn to have a positive effect.
Come along anytime from 9am onwards and we’ll also have the pizza oven firing, hopefully in time for lunch (and there will no doubt be cake!). Stay for as little or as long as you like.
We will start the flowforms at 3pm to stir the BD500 for an hour, so garden members are welcome to take some home to put out on your own garden, bring containers or a bucket with lid and be ready to collect and spread at around 4pm.
The plan is to follow up with a BD501 (horn silica) spray the next morning, early….DSC_0317

The main task for Sunday is to finish preparing beds, plant garlic and if time allows, prepare the new strawberry beds for a fresh lot of certified runners.
We have sourced fresh supplies of good garlic from certified organic growers Lisa and Ken at Bromley Organics Dunnolly and Mark and Sophie from Brymworth Farm, Flinders Island, along with some of our larger bulbs from last season. Our biodynamic preps are from Rosie, Celia and the Biodynamics Victoria members.
Hope to see you in the garden. And don’t forget about plot renewals for 2013/14 – due next month.

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