Come and Make Compost

Personally, I think compost should get more than six measley days of glory…..

May 6 -11 is International Compost Awareness Week (also the page on Facebook) and local governments all around Australia are holding events and workshops. In the Mount Alexander Shire, we’ll be running another biodynamic compost making day on Sunday 12 May, 10.30am – 3pm at the Newstead Community Garden. All the astro-signs are present – moon descending, waning and in a “root” sign – for perfect compost making.

Download the flyer – and please pass it on to other interested gardeners…. also info on the Shire’s Compost Revolution here – there are rewards for participating.

Flyer - Biodynamic Composting Workshop - 12 May 2013

As with our previous compost workshops, the session will be very hands on; the best way to learn about gardening and biodynamics is to try it. So we will build a large heap, incorporate the biodynamic preparations and then give the heap and the rest of the garden a spray of BD500 (horn manure). Learn some basics about biodynamics, why this  biodynamic compost is different to other types/methods, see what you need to make a heap (including the herbs that are used in the compost preparations) and create a beautiful compost heap.

The workshop will be free if you choose to BYO lunch and refreshments, but we will also be providing morning and afternoon teas and lunch for $15 (expect our usual feast!) with gluten free and other requirements available. Register for the workshop and catering (inc dietary needs) with Jay Smith, Environmental Officer with Mount Alexander Shire, by emailing or phone 54711828.

Wear your gardening gear and be prepared to get your hands dirty. Bring forks and shovels if possible, even a wheelbarrow. We’d also welcome any chemical-free kitchen scraps or green waste such as fresh lawn clippings, autumn leaves and garden clippings. Contact Mary 5476 2593 or Janet on 0439 003 469 with questions and offers of clippings.

join us to make compost, just like last year's happy gardeners

join us to make compost, just like last year’s happy gardeners

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