Gathering the Good Stuff

We have been collecting and hoarding materials ahead of our compost building day on Sunday May 12. To composters who use biodynamic methods, cow manure is sacred stuff and we’ve sourced some from a certified organic dairy shorthorn herd near Bendigo. We’ve also just cleared out biodynamic sheep manure from under a local shearing shed. Then there’s the certified organic straw from organic graingrowers north of here.

materials for making compostThe key to our heap this year though will be finding enough chemical-free green materials,  like fresh grass clippings, food waste, fallen leaves, weeds, etc – the amount we can accrue of these will determine the size of our heap. I reckon we need at least three cubic meters if we can. That’s a lot of green waste in a dry autumn. But if you also think that in Australia each year we throw out 4 million tonnes of food, a third of this fresh, worth $8 billion, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some for composting! The stats are disturbing and also one reason we need a compost awareness campaign in the first place….

Other materials for the heap include rock dust, lime or dolomite, egg shells, wood ash, biochar or charcoal, worm castings and/or tea and off course the biodynamic preparations which you’ll find out more about at the workshop. And the recipe for making compost.

A Postcript: Worth checking out this link to Gardening Australia on i-view to see another Community Garden – Toolangi and Castella – that emerged fom the Black Saturday recovery efforts. Rosie from BD Victoria is in it (she’ll also be attending our compost day with Ernst) and in the same program some info about the Avenues of Honour Project, which could be pretty relevant to our own trees in Newstead (and in fact they get a listing).

One thought on “Gathering the Good Stuff

  1. Genevieve Barlow says:

    Great to see Rosie and the Toolangi Castella community garden. Rosie has been such a great supporter to us. I reckon I’d like the bush pepper they’re growing.Makes me want to plant such a bush.

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