May it Pour

DSC00006Eyes on the skies – we’ve had barely 9mm  in April and 47mm for the year. Not great for autumn, an important season for ripening and new growth. Luckily we have good quality water on tap so the garden is faring well. Not so well in generating green weeds and materials for composting, but we will do our best to gather what we can.

Fallen autumn leaves make the most beautiful seed raising mix and compost, and can even be composted with few other additions, if turned, aerated and lime added. Even better in a ‘proper’ compost.

It’s also confusing to know what to plant, without the usual signs and portents. However the May Planting Notes are now posted – good luck! And good rainfall, we hope.

new strawberry beds....

new strawberry beds….

...old strawberry beds

…old strawberry beds

See you at the Compost Day on Sunday 12th, if not our Produce Exchange this Saturday at 10.30 outside the Red Store. What will be up for exchange this month?Probably sauces and preserves, perhaps apples. No doubt jerusalem artichokes if we get them lifted – the leaves are yellowing off and it’s time to dig a few and see what’s underneath. We’ll also be planting strawberry runners this month and trying out our new weed gunnel to see if it helps with weed control and pests and protect soil.

DSC00037Also a couple of Newstead Tomatoes have finally ripened and we wait for more, thanks to poly covering at night, the plants just might hang on…..

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