Compost Sunday….

The certified organic oaten straw is here, so is the manure….Don’t forget our compost creating day on this Sunday. It’s also our birthday – there will be Community Garden Cake, with three candles, along with plenty of food to fortify us.

The workshop is free for those who wish to bring their own morning and afternoon tea and lunches, but we’re offering all that plus tea, coffee and water on tap all day for $15. We still need chemical free green waste (who doesn’t) for the heap – fallen leaves, kitchen scraps, grass clippings, etc. Usually the amount of green material will determine the size of the heap but this year we’ll just have to improvise and see what happens….

Not too late to register – email or contact Mary 5476 2593 or Janet 0439 003 469. Wear gardening gear and bring a shovel or fork if you can; it’ll be hands on. But this isn’t just for those wielding a spade. Even If you aren’t able to lift or do physical garden stuff, you’ll still learn and meet fellow gardeners and be welcome and well fed!

inserting-preps -

How’s this for composting – found this fantastic image at a BD vineyard in NZ who take communal composting to a new level! Check out the website which also has some good info – they actually make site/purpose specific compost heaps. (Thanks to Seresin Estate for the image, which I have taken the liberty of……)

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