The Uninvited Guest

The other morning we were happily scratching in the garden when plotholder Anthony reminded us about the importance of weeding. He said “you ought to write a post about that for the blog”. I said, “good idea, why don’t you write something…!”

So here’s Anthony’s missive:

Imagine if you had to compete against an uninvited guest at dinner time. Imagine if your uninvited guest had no boundaries and encroached upon your personal space. What would you do?

Plants are no different to human beings in having their needs met so that they thrive.

Moreover, WEEDS can be like that uninvited guest at meal time, robbing other plants of nutrients, stressing them out, and stifling their full potential There are also plants that find companionship with others but there are sometimes those uninvited guests that leave others bereft and wanting.

So …. what’s happening in your garden?

After this beautiful rain, the weeds will thrive, so unless you are cultivating them for a reason, do the compost a favor… Thanks Anthony.

Newstead garden raised beds installed august 2012, garden in winterPS. Notes from the berry pruning workshop at Diggers Club St Erth are now available:

Download –Blue berries

Download – Growing and pruning berries

Download – Growing cane berries

Download – Growing your own strawberries organically

Link to – Strawberries

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