Time to venture out?

peaThe past month has been pretty cold, even for hardy gardeners, not to mention the plants. My forays to the garden have been very few, and very short. But as August hits, daylength is increasing. We might yet get more of those glorious still, sunny days – after the frosts and fogs lift – before the winds and weather changeability of spring. Perfect for reconnecting with the garden.

Despite the cold, the weeds still grow and snails and slugs still munch, so a bit of focus on pest and disease control and weeding are due this month. Go to the August Notes to find what else to do. Don’t forget the Produce Exchange this Saturday 10.30am outside the Red Store.

We are thinking about a working bee later in the month to get community gardeners together, fire up the pizza oven, and get some jobs done before spring is sprung. Some tree and shrub planting, cleaning up the shed and igloo, putting down weed gunnel and preparing raised beds are amongst the tasks on the agenda.

Enjoy August and reacquaint yourself with the garden!

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