Native Newstead Community Plantings

ticking the tasks off

Spring is more than in the air – and a great incentive to get out and active in the garden. We did so on Sunday 25th August and thanks to the generosity of Frances Cincotta from Newstead Natives, we now have almost 150 native plants in our community garden. See the planting list here: Newstead Community Garden, August 2013.

Frances donated her plants, time, expertise and labour over the Saturday and Sunday to help us prepare the ground, site the plants, plant, water and mulch them. On Sunday, more garden members joined in with the planting and a shared lunch with our church neighbours. The church yard also benefited from some (mainly) wirilda plantings around the large red gum on the Panmure Street side, to add beauty and screening for outside church services and events. Thanks Frances!

The community garden plantings are in two areas of the garden where food plants aren’t suited, but habitat, biodiversity and pollination attractants are. Frances selected plants based on these properties – and beauty. The plantings will also provide a demonstration garden for the types of plants suited to gardens around town and further afield. We’ll have some signage up soon. We also have plans for a small pond and some bird baths as well.

Thanks also to Anthony who made plenty of pizzas to keep us fuelled (18 were devoured!), the usual providers of food and refreshment, and everyone who worked.

Not only did we bed down the natives, but garlic and other crops were weeded, compost bays turned, berries trained, more fruit trees planted (Angelina, Coes Golden Drop and Damson plums, a yellow nectarine, a bay tree, and two lemons), raspberries moved, asparagus green manure slashed, and the garden mowed. Some sore muscles on Sunday night!?

Here’s some images….

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2 thoughts on “Native Newstead Community Plantings

  1. Saide of Sandon says:

    What a great day! And so much work done! Sure was sore, but coupled with an inner glow of work well done and the joy of a glorious looking community garden. Frances Cincotta’s plants are just beautiful, so healthy looking. At the very end of the day I found the ‘secret’ log pathway under the ‘other peppercorn tree’. Exquisite! Thanks to all the organisers, planners and doers. I had a lovely day and as dusk fell a few stayers sprinkled the magic garden potion on all the plants

  2. carol at south muckleford says:

    I’m green with envy! So disappointed I couldn’t make it on the weekend. It looks like it was a great couple of days. Just proves the old adage of many hands making light work. I will hopefully be able to be of more help in the near future when my health problems are sorted. Cheers for now.

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