Watering, Diggers, Discussions, Tomatoes …

Spring in the Newstead Community GardenWe hope to establish the much needed noticeboard at the garden soon. In the meantime it’s email, blog, and face to face or happenstance! So:

Plot 2 at the Community Garden has become a communal plot – so the wonderful herbs that Dawn established can be maintained and shared by all. Digger members are welcome to make use of any available space in this plot for your own plantings. It will need some weeding & cutting back – Gayle has offered to do some of this but I’m sure she would appreciate help. Is anyone available on weekday mornings?

We have had a great Spring but the garden is starting to need water, except for the garlic – we can stop watering the garlic & let it mature. There is now a watering chart for November in the igloo at the garden and the proposal for watering communal areas is:

* Plotholders – please put a sprinkler on a communal plot while you are watering your own. Please tick off the chart so that everyone can see which areas have been watered most recently & which might need a drink.

* Diggers – come to the garden, check the chart and water whatever needs doing. While sprinklers are going you can pick some produce for dinner, pull some weeds, do a task if there’s a list on the board, chat to other gardeners … If by chance everything has just been watered there is always something to do to make your visit worthwhile.

Spring in the Newstead Community GardenTomato plants now available – Margot Brulotte has propagated 80 different varieties of tomatoes and has given us one of each to grow. Some can be planted in communal plots but there will be some available for individual plots or for members to grow in home gardens. The deal is that plants need to be labelled, so that varieties can be identified, and that some seed be saved from the fruit. Don’t worry if you haven’t saved seed before – help is available. Please let Mary know if you would like some plants.

Remember to harvest some broad beans. Try these recipes.

Getting everyone together to meet new members, discuss how the garden is working for everyone and talk about plans and ideas for the future. Proposed dates/days – Thursday evening (21st or 28th) or Sunday morning (24th or 1st) When could you come?

Anthony is presenting a seasonal cooking class this Sunday. To book email bookings@cch.org.au or phone Castlemaine Community House on 5472 4842. Come along to Friday gardening from 4pm to help tidy up the garden a bit.

And welcome to new members, Christie and David!

4 thoughts on “Watering, Diggers, Discussions, Tomatoes …

  1. carol barker says:

    Dear Janet, I would love to grow some heritage tomatoes in my home garden. On the get-together front Sunday morning 24th would suit me the best, with 28th out due to day surgery the day before. I’m looking forward to my new role as a Digger and hope to be there for Friday gardening. Cheers, Carol

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