Calling all Gardeners

Who: All plotholders and Digger members

When: Thursday 21st November, 5.30 (or as soon as possible if coming from work)

Where: Newstead Community Garden (Church hall if weather unsuitable)

Spring in the Newstead Community GardenPizza oven available from 5.30 pm, weather permitting – if unsure check for last minute email. BYO everything (food, drinks, utensils, chair/picnic rug…)

Give-aways – heritage tomatoes & other seedlings

Please RSVP -we plan a phone tree to contact those who haven’t replied.

Because we don’t have a committee structure or regular formal meetings, it’s important that we get to come together and discuss what’s happening in the garden, decide on funding and other garden things and generally catch up.

So come along to meet new members, discuss how the garden is working for you and talk about plans and ideas for the future.


One thought on “Calling all Gardeners

  1. Saide of Sandon says:

    Hi , sounds like a fun thing to do! Apologies that I am in Melbourne baby sitting Thursdays and Fridays. I think the garden is looking wonderful and am interested in some seedlings, if there are any left over. There are some tiny tommy toe seedlings I am raising in the igloo from last years community diggers crop, if people would like to take one or two, when a bit more mature, they are welcome..

    Ideas for next year: I would say refinement and consolidation, with maybe some more volunteer funding to support the work of so many, which could include funding for a Produce Exchange Banner and some support for the Community Lunches. I think there is an option for better signage that includes our gardener gatherings and blog details plus a few more hardwood seats that are not so cold on the behinds well-placed would reduce the time and energy needed to set up for workshops. I think the BD Compost making, the Gardeners Dinner in March and the Children’s Literature Day are highlights of the community garden’s calendar.

    These are just ideas. I think the garden is humming along really well, and does not need further activities, although a few more active participants may be useful in the digger roles and for watering this season.

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