Festive Gardening

dunnolly purple garlicWe had a good time harvesting our garlic last weekend – a pretty good crop from the 2kg of garlic sown; we’ve ended up with good sized bulbs of top quality, now hanging under the house of Gayle and Gary, to cure for about 3 or 4 weeks. We’ll then weigh it and see how the harvest measured up.

It’s obvious that buying in fresh seed garlic from the Dunnolly and Flinders Island organic growers has paid off. We’ll sell the best at Newstead Live! in January, but there’s still plenty left for garden members. Thanks Anthony for the pics of our fabulous garlic crop.

flinders island purpleplump cloves



We also planted out two beds of communal spuds – white fleshed Sebago and the waxy, yellow Dutch Cream (a bit late in the season, but…) and some tomatoes, including our Newstead Tomato. More planting is on the agenda, according to the calendar….

December, so thoughts swing to lucious Christmas produce – berries, stonefruit, saladstuff, snowpeas, even tomatoes if you are lucky (and early). Try and also find time for a quiet space to spend in the garden over the festive season. The December growing notes are now posted to assist you, and some hints on watering.

Don’t forget the Produce Exchange outside the Red Store this Saturday morning (bring out your broad beans!?) and best wishes for a peaceful, wonderful and well-fed Christmas holiday.


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