A new year in the garden

Welcome to 2014 and a new gardening year.

Summer is all about harvest isn’t it? Well, yes. And here’s some of the fruits of our grain harvest – wheat, spelt, oats, barley and a very small amount of puy lentils. Started as a green manure, but it looked so good …. still some work to do yet to de-hull (especially the spelt) and sieve all the grains. Perhaps we can make flour and use it in our garden fundraising dinner, or for pizzas, or use the seed again for another crop …

But summer is also about planning and planting for the leaner times; to eat from the garden during late autumn and winter. The true test for an all-year-round gardener.  Go to the January planting notes to find out what and when this month. It’s also time for summer pruning.

Conditions have been cool so far, with late frosts, a cool start to summer and only a couple of very hot days. Very confusing for plants and gardeners alike. I wonder if a spray of BD501 (horn silica) might help the tomatoes, zukes, etc along with warmth and ripening? If so, 13th – 16th of January is the best time, certainly if we haven’t felt the ‘normal’ force of summer by then.

Looking to 2014, why not try something you haven’t done before in the garden – pruning, grafting, budding, a new compost method, using the bd preps with intent, using the planting calendar with more awareness, tryng biochar, planting a new variety or plant type, varying the time of planting of your usual crops, trying to plant in succession to spread the harvest, saving seed, raising your own seedlings, or just spending more time in the garden, scratching and pottering and observing. Sounds like a good new year’s resolution to me.

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