Gardening Calendar … and Good Garlic

calendar front imageWe’ve developed a calendar of activity for the year ahead, so Newstead community gardeners can be more aware of what’s going on in the garden, to help create more opportunities to get together for gardening, and also to schedule our working bees, workshops and other annual events ahead of time.

Life can be busy and time out in the garden can be a salve, even if diarised.

Download the calendar, print it off, or just mark the dates into your diary now.

This year we will try Thursdays for the weekly gardening day at two times – 8.30am – 11 for the morning people and 5pm-7 to suit  afternoon/evening people. We will do our best to ensure that there’ll always be someone at the garden during these times, so you can catch up with what’s happening, ask/answer gardening questions, and well, just catch up.

In addition we will have a monthly gardening session on the 4th Sunday from 10am (9am if it’s going to be very hot) which will combine a working bee/communal/digger gardening with a workshop on some aspect of the garden. Mostly these will be low key, but we’ll have a few larger ones that’ we’ll open up to the wider community, eg our annual BD compost build and Anthony’s biochar one. And other ideas or requests – have you any?

Our focus this year will also be on future planning and developing the garden – and our community of gardeners – for the seasons ahead. Put March 23 into your diary now, because this is probably our most important communal garden event for the year.

Our annual Fundraising Dinner this year will be in Spring, on the last Saturday in October. It will be the same fabulous feast, but with a different format this year – stay tuned.

On to other gardening matters. We had a good garlic harvest this year – total yield was a bit over 20kg from 2kg of seed – not a bad result – and the quality, especially the Flinders Island Purple, is excellent. Here’s a quick glance at our harvest results (click on table to enlarge).

garlic 2013 harvest

We have put aside 3.5kg of the largest and best bulbs for sowing this autumn and the rest will be sold to help pay our water bill, at Newstead Live! this weekend.

Come to the Newstead Primary School Market on Saturday 25th January, from 9am – 2pm and have a look for yourself. Thanks to all who helped sow, tend, harvest and process the garlic, as well as those who have volunteered for the stall on Saturday.

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