Tips for worm care … new community garden manual launched … events in our Shire

The worms haven’t enjoyed the heat much either. Our resident worm farmer joan, passed on these tips to fellow gardeners (thanks Joan!)….

I refreshed the 3 compost/worm bins … the mix seemed a bit boggy, not enough bulk/fibre, etc. I added grain hulls, straw, & some old pickings off silver beet plants (small pieces) & watered. Should be ok till weekend, check then. Tea bags or veg/fruit scraps are great for the worms … & old fruit/vegs from bottom of fridges …. and the fallen china flat peaches that have bugs and rot…. I will move the bottomless rubbish bin I have in the middle plot & put it next to worm bins. Any fruit,veg , tea bags etc can be initially be put in bin, covered with a bit of mulch, and fed to worms as needed, otherwise , their bins will get too full. … Whatever is added to the worm bins needs to be small bits & pieces.If larger, eg cabbage,kale leaves, break them up or cut up smaller. . a FEW lawn clippings are ok now & then. I don’t use potato peelings or leaves, stems, leaves of tomato plants, or any weeds. Cheers, Joan C.

HMST comm gdn manualOn another hot topic. After Black Saturday’s 2009 bushfires, the trustees of the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust (HMSTrust) established a $2 million Bushfires Grants Fund to assist in the restoration of community life in bushfire-affected areas. Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) was granted one million for the establishment of community gardens in Toolangi & Castella, Jindivick, Yinnar & District, Beechworth and Yackandandah. Besides stunning gardens, another project outcome is the development of a Community Gardens Manual covering the nuts and bolts of establishing and running a community garden.  Should be something in it for every garden to learn from, whatever stage they’re at.

Go to the SGA website and view the manual or download it here: HMST comm gdn manual or click on the image above right. The HMSTrust is also undertaking a study to gauge the need, interest and viability of establishing new regional Community Garden Hubs. This is something we would be interested in, judging by the number of visits to our garden from other areas and the potential for sharing info, expertise and practical resources (including funding) amongst community gardens.

And finally, much closer to home, the first of Mount Alexander Shire’s monthly workshops will be held on Saturday February 22 at 10.30 in the Car Park Garden behind Castlemaine Continuing Ed. Justin Calverley, an experienced landscape designer will give an overview of berry growing – popular berry varieties, site selection and preparation, watering, feeding, pruning and trellising. More info: February 2014 – Berry Growing Crash Course Flyer or contact Mount Alexander Shire.

February 2014 - Berry Growing Crash Course Flyer (2)

2 thoughts on “Tips for worm care … new community garden manual launched … events in our Shire

  1. janet barker says:

    Nectarines are just about ripe and in fact some are dropping, but pick carefully as there’s a range of ripeness – avoid hard, green fruit (they won’t ripen off the tree). A lot of the
    China flat peaches dropped from the tree and were left to rot on the ground – disappointing after we watered the trees all thru summer, but lucky worms.
    To make the fruit more enticing, (as if we need to!) Gen recommends this (from Richard Cornish) – dress stone fruit with the scantest amount of honey, a tiny squeeze of lime and the lightest sprinkling of finely chopped mint. It’s divine!

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