Happy, Hopeful, Pruners

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We had a lovely morning doing some pruning of nectarines, peaches and pears, and looked at what needs to be done with the apples. And the scones & jam, hommous, and cake/slice were all good too.

More info on summer pruning here, but it’s best done by … doing.

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We’ll find out the fruits of our labours next spring when the trees flower and then hopefully when they bear fruit. A couple of the trees need a few more drastic cuts which will be done in winter. Rule of thumb for summer pruning is it should only need secateurs and be up to finger thickness. Active sap flow at this time of the season means the trees can recover from an ‘attack by a thousand small cuts’ but that anything greater means too much sap loss and potential set-back for the trees.

We are currently giving them a deep water and a dose of diluted seaweed and worm-juice will also help them recover.  Let’s hope there’s not too much hot weather ahead; there may be a slight danger of sunburn, since we did take a bit of growth off – the stonefruits in particular.

Julia is STILL harvesting her zukes and trying to give them to anyone who’s about and unsuspecting!

One thought on “Happy, Hopeful, Pruners

  1. margot brulotte says:

    lookd like you all had a wonderful time in the garden pruning….from the photos it looks fabulous….so lucky to have such a wonderful garden and group….Melbourne eat your heart out….better yet start some food growing everywhere.

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